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Comes with 3 days warranty. The product is genuine and is checked before dispatched.

Mega 40 is the cool 2.1 channel speaker. Wooden body combined with LED volume makes it elegant to look at all day.

Packed with specifications to full fill all your sound cravings. Bass powerful enough to make your heart pound.

2.1 Channel makes it the perfect companion for your lovely living room. Sub Woofer provides a solid and punchy bass that flows like butter. Included two satellites backed with an intelligent cross overboard. This creates a stereo sound stage which we all love.

The subwoofer has 25W RMS, and satellites have 10W RMS. They create a very strong sound stage which makes it suitable for small and large rooms as it will not distort on lower volumes.

Bluetooth gives you the flexibility to connect with your music hub and jam to your favorite tunes. It also has an SD card slot and USB input.

It comes with its very own remote control. You can control it easily from the corners of your room. Its large LED backlight volume knob not only looks cool but also gives you easy access to the volume.

In other speakers LED displays are placed only, but in MEGA 40 it is designed to suit the aesthetic. This gives it a very unique look.

The main reason why MEGA 40 has an amazing sound stage is its body. Speakers nowadays are made with plastic mold but not MEGA 40. Its subwoofer has a specifically designed wooden box which, tuned to its driver. This makes it capable of generating smooth sound waves that are the best in the market.

Mega 40 is the perfect fit for your living room not because it looks amazing but because it also sounds amazing. Get them now and bring your music to life.


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