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1.Its shape allows you to massage any single area on the back.
2.It has specially adapted head on pressure arms, legs, thighs, neck, feet, etc.
3.3-stage speed: high and low + intermittent vibration.
4.Cable length 140cm.

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Avoid getting worse illnesses from stress, let Super Infrared King Massager do the work for you. With its sleek design, you can be sure about getting that instant relaxation you truly need and deserve.
Vibration massage can promote the blood circulation in our bodies. Using the Super Infrared King Massager help us in more ways we can think of. It alleviates several aches and body pains which are often caused by tiredness and rheumatism but most commonly are being caused by an uncomfortable blood circulation within the body. This is why this Infrared Massager from Smarket has been engineered for the betterment of the blood flow. Aside from these, it also helps clean away the tic on the shoulder which is caused by a night’s uncomfortable sleep. This way, you can avoid those sudden, repetitive motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups. Common motor and phonic tics are, respectively, eye blinking and throat clearing and those are never fun.


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