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1.Works on any color
2.Goes on clear and dries clear with UV hardeners to give the area a shiny.
3.No sanding tools needed.
4.Scratches disappear immediately.

Shake Car Scratch Repair Pen applicator. Apply Car Scratch Repair Pen in shaded region. Prepare on a different surface. With tip pointed down, Press & Release spring tip on a surface until tip is soaked. Shield tip from daylight! It may take 40 to 50 presses to immerse the tip Apply along & into harmed clear coat. Work rapidly, Car Scratch Repair Pen cures in direct daylight.
1.Weight: 15g
2.Size:14 x 1.5 x 1.5cm
3.Design for clear coat scratch repair filler and sealer.
4.Non-toxic, Permanent, Odorless and Water resistant
5.Easy to use, just 3 easy steps. Apply Fix It, buff it into the scratch or scuff, and then just wipe away.
6.Clear coat works on all colors


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